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BTC Update: ISIS Power management installed

More updates soon on the ISIS Power. This will control the electrical system in BTC and communicate with the Ford Racing Control Pak.  

BTC… She’s Alive!!


BTC Kicker Door Panel

BTC Black Dash Installed

BTC Trunk

And you thought we were only working on the engine! 

BTC Update: BBK FOX 5.0 Swap Headers

BBK Headers and X-Pipe installed!

BTC Update: Coyote is in and wired

What you see is what you get, nice and clean. We modified the BBK 2011 cold air kit to fit. We plan to Satin the tube to match the color combos. After dinner we will be installing the new BBK 5.0 Fox coyote swap headers. Stay tuned.  

Tremec TKO 500 Installed

One step closer! We cut the tack welds from adjustable cross brace so we could locate the bolt holes to the tranny bushings.  

Replaced Heater Core & A/C Evaporator

Since we had the dash already out and planned to keep the Mustang for a long time and plan to plumb A/C in the future we placed both. Our threads on the evaporator were stripped so we needed to replace this part. You basically cut the box open and replace the core then seal it […]

BTC Update: ISIS Power setup

We will be using the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System to Re-harness our 89 Fox and this system will interface with the Ford Racing Control Pak easily. Push To Start in an early Fox. Now how cool is that. Stay tuned for details!