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Built to Cruise is up for Sale

It’s time to clear our the Stable of our last project ‘Built to Cruise’.  We have more projects in the pipeline and this Pony needs a new home.  For all the details on the car and the build please follow the links below. Build details on StangNet (click) Featured in 5.0 Mag (click) Full Parts […]

Coyote Swap Idle Issue Fix (Official)

After several months of jumping through different tunes, tuners and solutions, we finally have applied a Ford Racing fix that they have come up with to address the Idle issues of the Coyote swap that many are seeing.  After doing the following, the BTC project is running the stock Ford Racing tune and the drivability […]

BTC Parts used List

For a nearly complete list of parts we used on this project, please see the following link.  

ISIS Powered ‘Push to Start’

ISIS Powered ‘Push to Start’

As mentioned earlier, we have installed the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System ( to manage all the power functions of our 89 Mustang.  We were basically able to remove all of the original factory wire harness…  we did however keep the pigtails and short harness for the front and rear lights, this made wiring them up […]

BTC Update: Interior Painting and Trim

As part of the ‘Built to Cruise‘ project here at StangNet, restoration of the 1989 Mustang was in order.  We not only planned to convert the ‘Notch over to the new 2011 5.0 Coyote engine, but we wanted to give this 1989 a nice big refresh.  The car’s interior was originally Blue but any Mustangfan knows the rare […]

BTC Black Interior

We converted a stock Blue cloth interior to all black with leather GT seats in the Mach1 style.  Shout out to TMI Products for them working with us to pull off a nice interior upgrade.  From TMI we have the Mach1 seats in Leather with all new foam, their new Coupe headliner and their awesome […]

BTC Water Overflow Setup

We have had severn inquiries about our reservoir setup on BTC so I wanted to post an update. We chose not to go with a DE-Gas bottle setup as we wanted to keep the setup clean and also not have to plumb and make fit the oversized DE-Gas bottles. We went with the old school […]

BTC Ford Racing Autometer gauge cluster

BTC Water Temp Sending Setup

We had to find a place to tap the water sending unit for our Coyote swap.  We are using the Autometer Ford Racing gauges and a sending unit is sent with it.  The new engine is not like your old school intakes and water ports are not readily available.  We checked out the water flow […]


We have the MGW ( shifter installed in our TKO 500.  All is well and it feels great.  (Note:  The dust boot is removed for the pictures).  The 5-speed Rally Shifter Ball is from MGW as well.  Silver stripe matches the car nice.