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BTC Update: Paint is on the Mustang

Paint is on!  The plan from the beginning was a ‘suede’ or semi flat paint job.  I think we got it just right. Paintcode:  Ford UJ (2010 Sterling Grey Metallic). Some better outside pics soon.  We start bolting her together next week.  Stay tuned!!  

BTC Update: Body Work Almost Done

Getting close to paint.  There has been a lag in progress obviously but we had a lot of R&D and body work to be done.  Check out the LX Mustang Grille Bar Eliminator ( from Classic Design Concepts.  Gonna be a nice addition to the project!  Next week we will be starting assembly with rapid updates.  Stay […]

BTC Update: Magnaflow MagnaPak for 5.0 FOX

It’s here!  After working with Magnaflow for years, we finally got them to build us a Magnapak system for the early FOX Mustangs.  They had never designed on before but now they have.  We knew we wanted a very aggressive system for our new 2011 5.0 engine and now we have it.  Magnaflow expects to start offering […]

BTC Update: Black 03 Cobra Wheels from American Muscle

Our wheels arrived from American Muscle!  The black17x9 03 Cobra wheels ( with the Sumitomo tires ( look great. #fordracing #stangnet  We can’t wait to get them on the car once she comes back from paint, which we hope is soon!  We have a long way to go but we are really excited about assembly time.  

BTC Update: Ready for Paint

Project ‘Built to Cruise’ has been completely disassembled to paint stage. New bumper covers and front fenders are what will change body wise. We removed all the trim and have new to replace. All R&D has been done for motor fitment, more to come on that later. We are excited to be at this phase. […]

BTC Update: Custom Front Grille almost ready

Nick @ Classic Design Concepts is applying the final touches to our open grille bumper design for our ‘Built to Cruise project’.  CDC expects to have these available for sale for all those that were inquiring if this bumper design was going to be available.  We think it will be a slick look for Fox […]

BTC Update: RAM Clutch Setup is Here!

After working with RAM Clutches to see what setup would work on the new 2011 5.0 engine, the parts that work are here! If you are planning to run a manual clutch in a swap, then this setup will work for you. It’s basically a 4.6L setup that we are used to seeing in a […]

BTC Update: Suspension parts are here

Going with a front coil over setup and rear weight jacker setup to allow for complete control of ride height.  Front struts are double adjustable and rear shocks are single.  Caster camber plates and bump steer kit to get the alignment dead on.   J&M Suspension Rear LCAs and Caster Camber plates, Vogtland Springs, Koni […]

BTC Update: Underbody cleaned. Ready for new suspension.

Car body underneath is in great shape. No need for painting or coating.  

TEST fitted the new 5.0 today.

We learned a lot today about fitment. Will post findings soon.