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BTC Update: ISIS Power setup

We will be using the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System to Re-harness our 89 Fox and this system will interface with the Ford Racing Control Pak easily. Push To Start in an early Fox. Now how cool is that. Stay tuned for details!  

BTC Update: Mishimoto radiator and Fans

It’s go time. Stay updated the next 7 days as we get BTC up and running. We are on the home stretch!  

BTC Update – Running Soon?

We plan to have her up and running next week. How many more in pieces do you think we can get!?

BTC Updates: Where we are

We just posted a Blog over at StangNet with our latest updates and this months plans…  be sure to check it out!   MRaburn  

BTC Update: Coming Along Nice

Built to Cruise is coming along.  All the exterior trim has been completed… all new parts; accept for one rear quarter driver side window, as you can no longer get the Carlite rear quarter windows.  The used one we picked up is almost new, thank goodness.  Every exterior piece of  BTC has been replaced with […]

BTC Update: It’s all in the details.. and Time.

Just wanted to make a quick update for those following along… I am sure some of you are wondering what is going on with the project and why the delay in updates.  Mostly there has been a lot of background things going on.  When we set out on the project we did not want to […]

BTC Update: FOX Mustang Door Trim Restoration

As part of the Built to Cruise project, restoration of the FOX body has always been part of the plan.  We have had the Mustang back from paint for about 3 weeks.  We are still waiting on some more engine parts before moving on to the drive-train, so we started on other parts of the […]

BTC Update: New Rear Tail Lights installed

We got some new Fox LX tailights from Late Model Restoration and installed them today.  I know a lot of people like the GT tail lights, but I am not a fan.  These lenses new out of the box have a good bit of the lens trim molding in a Fox grey.  I assume this […]

BTC Update: J&M K-Member for the new 5.0

We test fitted the newly designed K-member from J&M today in the BTC project. They designed this new K-member to function/work in 79-04 Mustangs. It comes with 2 LCA arm positions and with or without spring perches (for coil overs) and you will be able to use your own stock LCAs, and I believe they […]

BTC Update: Painted!!

She is back at StangNet headquarters. Tomorrow we start test fitting some parts.  Stay tuned!