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BTC Update: Tuning and Such

It’s been a while I know, after our major rush to finish the car and take it on tour this summer and the car being basically done, we took a moment to focus on some other tasks.  Another reason for some of the delay on progression was our ability to drive the car consistently/safely in […]

BTC Update: Build Status with Details!

In case you have not seen or heard the recent rumblings in the Ford Mustang news sector, the team here at StangNet has been hard at work on another project, following closely on the heels of the Shelby GT500 Glassback Project.  The latest & greatest is dubbed ‘Built to Cruise’ and it involves mating the […]

BTC at MustangWeek on display

Project Built to Cruise is on display at MustangWeek over here in Myrtle Beach. Be sure to stop by the Late Model Restoration booth and say Hi!!  

BTC at Tulsa Mid America Event

Here are some shots of the debut of ‘Built to Cruise’ at the Tulsa Mid America Event.  The Mustang drew a ton of attention.  We will be heading up to Mustang Week in July to attend that event as well.  

BTC Update: Black Interior and Dash

Interior for project BTC is done pretty much. Still have some tweaks to the door panels and the front seats and we are done. Looking good going from Blue interior to Black!

BTC Update: Rear Interior

The back half of the Coupe/Notch is about wrapped up.  Here you can see a shot of the TMI Mach1 Fox Leather back seat and the dyed ‘Black’ rear trim panels and the new TMI Coupe headliner. A note on the rear panels.  Various model years are not the same.  I am not sure of […]

BTC Update: TMI Leather Mach1 Upholstery on

Got our TMI Leather Mach1 Mustang style seats back from the shop today. Looking great! Notice the Gray stripe to match the color of the paint job!  

Built to Cruise Update: ISIS Master Cell Install

The ISIS Powered Master Cell is in place inside Built to Cruise.  We found a nice spot right above the driver side kick panel and it is accessible without having to remove any interior panels.  All the wiring is done and all accessories are working properly…  brake lights, headlights, turn signals, parking lamps and reverse, […]

BTC is on her own feet now!

Finally after a years hard work she is sitting on her own again. Some final wiring in the interior to go and them some power steering love and we will be cruising. Stay tuned!  

BTC Update: ISIS Power Cell Trunk Mount

We located the rear powercell in the left side trunk pocket. This one will primarily power the rear lights and some runs will return up front to control the air blower motor.